Euphony Beta 1 release

Thomas Gstädtner thomas at
Wed Feb 11 01:33:33 CET 2009

Hey guys,

some might have seen and remember epiano, the little demo app I wrote
a while ago to have a nice touchscreen-piano for the Neo.
Since then, I have been busy writing a successor that enhances the
concept quite a bit.
Some might already have seen or tested it, it's called "Euphony".

So - where's the difference?
Epiano was really only a piano, start it and the white and black keys
were there.
Euphony is now a framework, or better loader for instruments. So you
can use not only the piano, but every instrument you can imagine (if
you or someone else creates it).

Here's what it looks like in action:

The bitbake reciepe is in OpenEmbedded, so you can just build it.
Otherwise you can get armv4 ipks from my site (link follows).
After installing there won't be any instrument, you first have to
download one (the 3 demo instruments from the video are available on
my site) and put it into ~/.euphony/instruments/ .

So if you like, try it, and feel free to give me feedback, patches,
suggestions, ..., either as reply to this post on the list, via
private mail, or via IRC (you can find me in #neo1973-germany on
If you want to create new instruments, check out the small howto on my
site and try it, it's really easy if you know edje a little. I'll be
happy to host them, too.

So, here's my site for more information, instruments and so on:
If you are interested in the sourcecode, you can get it via the
release tarballs, or better directly via

Please don't be disappointed by the performance - the audio-backend I
use is fluidsynth which is floating point driven and therefore not
really Neo-optimized.
So you have to play a little slower and use not so complex soundfonts
to keep it usable. Unfortunately it's too much work (for me) to change
that, so it will only be real fun on faster devices with FPU, like the
(hopefully coming soon) GTA03 or similar.
If you have any ideas for performance improvement, or you can provide
a software synthesizer that uses fixed point, don't hesitate to tell
me! :)

Last but not least: Thanks to all people who supported me, especially
to pfritz and the other guys in for EFL knowledge and help with
C, the people of the project, and of course the developers
of the great enlightenment foundation libraries and fluidsynth.

Have fun,


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