liqbase on Freerunner?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Wed Feb 11 10:22:33 CET 2009

Aapo Rantalainen wrote:
> All necessary libraries are in repositories or OpenEmbedded.
> I got it compiled and running on Freerunner, but screen goes blank.
> It uses the XV YUV overlay. Is this something that Freerunner can't handle?
> I tested:
> mplayer -vo help
> Does not show xv. Is this sign that Freerunner do not have it, or only
> that my mplayer is compiled without it?

Could be either.

Search the mailing list archives. There was a post last year about
an mplayer compiled specifically for the freerunner, to take
advantage of what little video acceleration the chip has.
Apparently, it was better than software-only, but still 320x240
if you want a good framerate.

Helge Hafting

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