Running Kustomizer (was Re: Questions about the usability of GTA02 (Margo Koppelmann))

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> If you want to use Freerunner with OM2008.12 as a usable phone and
> music player and internet device and gps device then there's so many
> things you have to install and configure before it's usable. It took
> me a lot of time to get everything installed and configured (and
> there's still some things to do). But now there's the Kustomizer (
> ), maybe this can make life a
> little easier.

I ran Kustomizer last night following the Wiki docs and it took a  
while, but it worked
and I was happy to see an updater/package installer run to completion  
w/ out crashing for once.

Sorry to be such a cynic, I know people work hard to make things  
nicer for us in the OpenMoko
community. I guess I've been burned a lot on packaging dependancies  
and prereqs on Linux  in general
over the years so my first thought when trying something like that is  
to wonder how something is going to break.
Fortunately, I was not disappointed.

I've had my FR for about 2 weeks now and I really think it does take  
some time of modding and hacking on it
to get it to not just be usable, but usable how you want.  That,  
IMHO, is why you're buying an FR rather than what the carrier shops  
have for sale.
My current setup on my FR is with a Kustomized Om 2008-12 flashed  
into NVRAM and  Qtopia on microSD.


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