[android] how to open diferent apps an navigate though them?

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Thu Feb 12 08:24:02 CET 2009

Functional is not the word for the beta3 but is pretty promising, I
hope one day OM can have a web browser as smoth as android has
No I don't have Qi, is the uboot from the 0m2008.12 release directory.
do yo have the sdcard with two first partitions with vfat/ext3? is
mandatory to make Android boot.

2009/2/12 Steve  'dillo Okay <armadilo at gothpunk.com>:
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>> Subject: [android] how to open diferent apps an navigate though them?
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>> I'm testing the lastest koolu image of android and is quite impresive,
>> but in order to make some screen captures I have to run two apps at
>> time Superuser and Screenshot... but in the keyboard Home button don't
>> seems to work, and Back button close the application...
>> or how to launch an apk installed app from the adb shell might be
>> usefull too
> Hi David,
> What bootloader are you using ? Are you using Qi ?
> I tried the Koolu beta 3 last night and couldn't get it to boot.
> It sat there for about 10 minutes at a blank screen before I gave up
> and went back to OM2008-12.
> It was getting late, I needed a functional FR and I figured I would
> play with it more this weekend.
> ---Steve
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