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Yaroslav Halchenko site-openmoko.org at onerussian.com
Fri Feb 13 01:32:53 CET 2009

> 1) Yaroslav Halchenko got me off my lazy butt and we are going to be
> actively collaborating on further pythm hacking. This is good because
> he is already correcting my horrible python :^)  My git fork can be
> found at http://github.com/negi/pythm for all those interested.
The least I can do is to motivate people ;)

Let me now describe positive side-effects of exposing code in git on
github (instead of SVN on projects.om)

Now anyone of you can 

* clone pythm fork (better off from Dylan's one, although I will
  keep mine also in sync with his)

* do anything you like -- fixes, enhancements, whatever; and regularly
  commit your changes into your local git clone of pythm (nobody will
  see those yet since you would be committing into your local copy)

* if you decide that your changes worth exposing and contributing for
  others to be used, instead of sending patches anywhere, just 

  - get yourself account on github (for our purposes free account is
  - fork Dylan's or mine repository
  - add your fresh fork as an additional remote in your local pythm
  - push your changes into your fork on github

Voilà -- now everyone can see your changes, cherry pick or merge them
into his own repository (like mine or Dylan's).  That really allows to
facilitate community project ;-) and pythm is imho very well worth such
an effort.
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