[debian] Illume won't show any icons

Marcel tanuva at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 13 12:04:35 CET 2009

Am Thursday 12 February 2009 23:24:32 schrieb John Sullivan:
> Marcel <tanuva at googlemail.com> writes:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have a fresh e17/illume running under debian, but Illume doesn't
> > display any program entries although there are plenty in
> > /usr/share/applications. I know there are issues with categories since
> > Illume doesn't display all of them, but a known working one was/is
> > "Applications" (with an 's'). This workaround doesn't work for me, I have
> > Applications as Category but the entry still doesn't appear.
> > How may I fix this?
> Do you have a menu file installed?
> http://wjsullivan.net/git/?p=freerunner.git;a=blob_plain;f=illume-applicati
> is what I use, extracted from a tar that raster put out at some point.

Thank you for the file hint, I solved the problem:
Debian-Illume needs menu-xdg (and menu?) packages to have menus to choose in 
the enlightenment "first-run"-setup - I deleted ~/.e and restarted e once, 
then chose the illume-applications menu in the assistant et voilà, there are 
menu icons.
Maybe this would be useful on the Debian wiki page until it's fixed?


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