2008.12 screen locker bar size

"Bernd (Jesus McCloud) Prünster" bernd.pruenster at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 21:44:17 CET 2009

Risto H. Kurppa schrieb:
> Anyone know how to change the 2008.12 (AUX) screen locker bar  to
> something smaller or replace it with something that doesn't prevent
> one from seeing what's happening on the screen?
> It'd be nice to be able to have the screen locked while navigating /
> walking in the forest  / whatever but still be able to see what's on
> the screen.
> Thanks!
> r
i am not sure, but i once tried changing the text that is displayed, 
when having the screen locked, and it didn't word, also changin the font 
size had no effect, so i thought some part of the illume simplelock is 
hardcoded... anyways you can try removing the section from the edja data 
collection and see what happens (...or just try it making it invisble by 
setting tha alpha to zero)

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