FR getting ethx name instead of usb0 when connected to PC

Previdi Roberto previdi.roberto at
Mon Feb 16 06:18:04 CET 2009

Hello. I recently updated both my PC kernel and my FR software. I'm using
kernel 2.6.27 on my pc, and the last FDOM distribution. When i connect the
usb cable the connection get the name eth1 instead of the old usb0. This
makes all the scripts and automatisms useless, and, more, is unpredictable,
because sometimes i don't have my eth0 running or i have 2 network
interfaces and the name would change. I made some researchs, coming to
understand that it's matter of a strange "local assignment bit".
>From the kernel configuration:

	tristate "CDC Ethernet support (smart devices such as cable modems)"
	depends on USB_USBNET

	  This driver creates an interface named "ethX", where X depends on
	  what other networking devices you have in use.  However, if the
	  IEEE 802 "local assignment" bit is set in the address, a "usbX"
	  name is used instead.

Well, anybody knows exactly what this bit is and where can i set it?
Thank you to whoever can answer..

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