Fso Python binding

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 07:51:42 CET 2009

On 16/02/2009 03:44, Guillaume Chereau wrote:
> Hi Michele,
Hello Guillaume
> I share your feeling that directly using dbus in python is a little bit
> tedious.
> I didn't try your your code, just had a look at it, I like how the dbus
> methods are directly added into the object instead of using the
> __getattr__ method, it means we can use automatic completion from the
> python interpreter, something that is missing with DBus proxy objects.
I don't think the code completation will never work, at least in a 
editor, because the methods available will be known only
during the execution of the code, not before :(
The good part it that this library will not need to be updated if 
fso-frameworkd will change.
The weak part is that fso-frameworkd deamon will change, all the 
applications that use it will continue to need to be updated.
> What I like less is that you are using GObject, which mean I won't be
> able use your library for paroli.
Ops... my fault. I use PyGtk, so I thought that GObject is all the 
world. And I forgot that exist a world done by other toolkits.
I think it needed to be called PyGtkFso or PyGObjectFso, and if the 
ideas is nice, it will not be difficult to create a version of the same 
library to
run with Qt and with Efl. I need only to study a bit PyQt and PyEfl.
> Also I though all the signals in GObject class had to be declared at the
> class level, how does it work with your introspection mechanism ?
This is the part I like more (but I don't know how much clean it is).... 
I redefine the method "connect" and if a signal si a signal for dbus 
(that I read on runtime), I connect it direct to dbus, else I contine to 
connect to the object.
Still I have to test well the part with signals, I tested well only methods.
To be runned, it need the mdbus script copied as mdbus.py in the same 
forlder of pyfso.py (I steal a class from Michael).
> Anyway, I think it is a good initiative, maybe Mickey will consider
> adding this or something similar to the framework git.
For now I will try to use on some programs I created. But I son't think 
it is so good code to enter in framework. For now it is only an experiment.

Thank you
Michele Renda

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