Fso Python binding

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 09:28:23 CET 2009

On 16/02/2009 08:14, Guillaume Chereau wrote:
> Yes but I was thinking of cli-framework where you interactively create
> and manipulate the proxies objects. There the auto-completion would work
> and be very helpful.
I never listened about cli-framework... and now you made me curious.
I will have a look on it.
> By the way, why do you change the name convention for the dbus methods,
> and make them all lowercase ? I know python convention is to use
> lowercase, but in that case I would prefer having the same name as the
> original DBus method (just a suggestion.)
This was my second question. I come from Java, so the convention are 
"getName", "setAge".
But now, thinking to pygtk, I remember that the convention was 
"get_name","set_age". I will fix it.
Can you please confirm that the Python convention about classes remain 
> Yes I know the pain of trying to write generic code for gobject, qt or
> efl. The python Dbus library allow you to specify the underlying
> mainloop you are using when you create the bus object, in your case that
> would be more tricky I guess cause you use GObject as a base class for
> all you proxies. May be possible though.
I don't know Qt, but I think there is something like QObject that do the 
same work (more or less).
I want to have a look... A lot of people told me that developing with Qt 
is more funny than with Gtk.

Have you a nice day
Michele Renda

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