GTK and OM

Michael Sheldon mike at
Mon Feb 16 20:55:20 CET 2009

Hi Kasper,

> I have, however, read a lot of places, that the GTK-support will be 
> removed from the OpenMoko.

  I think you're probably just reading a lot of old articles about how 
the GTK based OpenMoko applications (openmoko-messages, 
openmoko-contacts, openmoko-dialer, etc.) were going to be discontinued 
in favour of either the QPE/X11 apps (as found on 2008.x), or the E17 
based apps (as found in SHR). However as far as I'm aware development of 
the GTK based applications is actually continuing in hackable.

  I think you can be fairly certain that GTK support won't be removed 
from OpenMoko.


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