lib-pyfso-gobject 0.0.1

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Tue Feb 17 01:49:07 CET 2009


I worked and I cleaned (a lot the code) and I try to find a compromise 
that can do all happy.
First of all, I gave the possibility to choose which convention to use, 
when coding.
There is a 'python' style, where all the name of methods/property are 
in_this_format() and a fso style where all the methods are exact of are 
defined on FsoDBus.
I created a shell too, that permit to explore the framework (like mdbus) 
called pydbus. (start with ./pydbus -h to see what you can do)

And I added a that show how to use.
It turn on the
Warning: because to try signals is not easy (I will see if it will be 
running only when it will be integrated on sephora... and I will need 
some time...) I can't give any warranty about the connect method is 
running (I hope only yes, but I didn't try, if you are lucky yes).

Here you find the tar.gz that you can simply expand somewhere in your FR:

Thank you
Michele Renda

Ps. Remain open only a little point, and here I want that someone anwers 
to me: which must to be the default style? python or fso?

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