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Joop Boonen wrote:

> I've changed a few things in NeoTool.

Thanks for your contributions!

Please note however that I am working (*very* slowly!) on NeoTool v1.3,
and these changes may or may not appear in the new version. I am however
quite willing to consider this an 'official' v1.2.1.

> 1) No need to run it as root any more as long as you are in the uucp group.

NeoTool v1.3 has this, but it's achieved through a different method - It
prompts for your user password and then uses this to call 'sudo
dfu-util' rather than just 'dfu-util'. I will look into your mention of
the uucp group.

Also you should note that if you are concerned about security the temp
filenames should be generated using mktemp, i.e Line 48 would become:

tmp_error_log_path=`mktemp /tmp/neotool.XXXXXXX`

> 2) The config is saved in ~/.neotoolrc

NeoTool v1.3 will use ~/.neotool.conf to save user settings, and
/etc/neotool.conf to save root's settings, and/or to load defaults if no
user settings file is found (root's settings become the default). If
neither of these files is found, v1.3 will use /etc/frutil for backwards
compatibility. I will not be adding any support for ~/.neotoolrc, but I
may add a 'load custom settings' option which would allow you to specify
your own settings file. I would suggest that you should probably change
your v1.2.1 to use neotool.conf rather than neotoolrc for maximum
backwards compatibility.

> 3) The backup directory can be chosen, the default is: ~/openmoko/backups

For the record, this could already be achieved by adding a path to the
backup filename setting. NeoTool checks for the existence of the
specified path and attempts to create it if it cannot find it. This can
be used for example to store your backups in date-defined subfolders: if
you set your backup filename to: "/openmoko/backups/{date]/{image}",
NeoTool will automatically try to create a "17-Feb-2009" subfolder under
/data/openmoko, and will put the backup files in this folder. Please
ensure that your changes do not interfere with this.

> I couldn't reach the original maintainer yet. So i build version 1.2.1 for
> now, in the rpm packages.

I've been very busy over the last few months, hence my slow progress on
NeoTool, slow replies, and less involvement in this list. If you want to
have this considered an 'official' v1.2.1, please update the wiki page
for NeoTool at :)

- -Dale

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