Open IPKG packages from command line

Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes gunnar.grimnes at
Tue Feb 17 10:29:49 CET 2009

.ipk are like debian (or indeed ubuntu) packages, i.e. they are
initially packaged with ar, not tar. Unpacking will give you a meta-data
file plus control.tar.gz. and data.tar.gz, which you can untar as usual.
data.tar.gz is meants to be untarred in /, i.e. it contains all folders
up from usr, var, etc.

- Gunnar

Kasper Johansen wrote:
> Hi list.
> Is it possible to extract a IPK-package (some_package.ipk)? I do not 
> want to install anything - just inspect the package on my Ubuntu-machine.
> I have been able to extract some packages by using "tar -zxvf" after 
> renaming the extension to tar.gz - though I cant with all packages (and 
> I dont know why).
> Can anyone point in the direction on how to do so?

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