paroli package is back

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Tue Feb 17 13:01:47 CET 2009


Sven Klomp wrote:
> Hi Mirko,
>> create a file in the /etc/opkg folder with the content:
>> src/gz openmoko-experimental-armv4t
>> Then do an opkg-update and opkg install paroli .
> Hm, paroli is downloaded from :
> milestone5/feeds//armv4t/paroli_0.2.1+gitr7a2fdc16174258e9276e7c2d80f500b4dd624442-
> r0_armv4t.ipk
> instead of the experimental repository.
> OK, I'm using the fso-image-om-gta02.jffs2 but it shouldn't make any 
> difference?

It should indeed not make a difference. It seems the autobuild did not 
build the latest paroli version. I am sure as soon as the version on 
experimental is newer opkg will install that one.

Thx for the pointer, I will investigate.


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