Minimo file download problems

Jan Henkins jan at
Wed Feb 18 03:05:13 CET 2009

Hello all,

I have a strange problem and I wonder whether somebody else have noticed it:

I cannot download files with Minimo from web links. It complains that it 
cannot save the file as "/tmp/blah.ext" because the source file cannot 
be read, yet with Firefox on my desktop the file downloads fine. In 
contrast, simply browsing the web works fine. On my distro "/tmp" is 
linked to "/var/volatile/tmp", and all the directories have sufficient 
access rights for user "root" to write to them. Interesting one! Does 
somebody know why this is so, and whether there's a way around the 
problem? Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

PS: My distro is Om2008.12

Jan Henkins

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