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Mirko Lindner mirko at
Wed Feb 18 10:30:43 CET 2009


the version is not automagically updated.

You can find a more current version here:

explicitly today you can find:

This should contain the msgs application and there is some storing of 
contacts in tele as well.



qhaz wrote:
> Mirko Lindner-2 wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I met with the fso team last week and wanted to share some of the
>> outcomes.
>> We talked about releases and especially about what we need for a fully 
>> functional paroli. We came up with fso milestone 5.5. It will focus on 
>> the tings desperately needed for paroli - namely bluetooth, pim and some 
>> "loose end" that need tying, some sms issues etc.
>> To help the process along we will create a contacts:opimd service using 
>> the fso api and start working with it and deliver first insights into 
>> its functionality etc.
>> In other pim sections is still work needed. The messages pim is not 
>> quite there yet but we will coordinate with fso to see how we can help. 
>> Logs are in pim at all yet, but are among the top 3 priorities and here 
>> as well we hope to work together, and if you think this is your place, 
>> pop us a mail. All help is appreciated.
>> We also talked on how to make paroli more interesting to developers and 
>> testers. So I will help anyone who goes about building devel tools such 
>> as the gsm monitor or likewise in paroli. The structure is so open that 
>> it shouldn't be too much work.
>> Also the question of a screenlock a la zhone arose ... I think we need 
>> one or is there an easy way to get into using pre-existing tools?
>> In short:
>> - fso ms 5.5 will contains everything needed by paroli
>> - pim, bt, small fixes
>> - fso will have a watchdog to restart paroli in case of crash
>> - paroli will start using opimd as soon as possible and help moving it
>> along
>> - paroli invites developer tools - if you have an idea and just need a 
>> hint about how to get started or some edje support, mail, irc, jabber
>> - screenlock?
>> - small fixes to design needed in paroli, such as volume control in 
>> various places. Any others
>> Let me point to my other email from today as well. We have a package 
>> again, so once again I invite you to see our progress and share your 
>> opinions, give us your critique and help us.
>> The motto still counts, if you want to get active in development or 
>> check it out and tell us what you think. Shoot :)
>> /mirko
>> and don’t forget:
>> website:
>> bug tracker:
>> source:
>> api:
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> Hi Mirko, I have just flashed m5 stable and updated and upgraded.  I have
> the plauncher on my desktop but no PIM or sms.  Are there other packages I
> need to intall?
> cheers
> qhaz

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