Best thing to run on Freerunner and Neo1973 machines today?

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Wed Feb 18 12:33:56 CET 2009

Hiya gang,

After a few months of ignoring the OpenMoko scene while I concentrated  
on other things (beagleboard/openpandora) I find myself looking at my  
neo1973 and freerunner gear, and thinking "its time to do something  
interesting with these devices again".  But I have no idea what is  
going on with the FR these days ..

So, I turn to you guys: what would you recommend I put on both/either  
of these machines for a bit of fun today? FDOM, SHR, something else?   
In terms of easy-to-get fun factor, what do you guys suggest?

Jay Vaughan

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