after Qi no USB in Nor questions

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Wed Feb 18 16:10:08 CET 2009

C R McClenaghan wrote:

> Note: when booted into installed image, USB networking is fine and the  
> above errors do not occur. Is this a host side problem or Neo  
> Freerunner problem?
> I notice in the Qi documentation that there is no dfu-util support.  
> Would that effect dfu-util in Nor?
> When I do attempt to boot into Nand, I end up with a Nor boot menu  
> that is the same as when I boot into Nor - apparently either why the  
> AUX/Power button are selected I boot to Nor. Is that correct behavior  
> with Qi?
I have Qi.
When I press the power button, there is no USB and no uboot. Qi boots 
quickly but have few features.

To use uboot, I do this:
1. Power off completely
2. Press the AUX button and hold it in
3. Press the power button and hold that too
4. Wait for uboot menu to appear
5. release both buttons.

Then I am in the uboot menu, and USB flashing works. This menu doesn't 
stay very long, so prepare the dfu-util command on the pc in advance.

> BTW - my Nor boot menu seems slightly different than what I see on the  
> wiki - rather than a Reset option in the fifth position I have Reboot.
> Are there any log or configuration files I should post to help  
> diagnosis?
> I would like to be able to upgrade the release in memory or for that  
> matter Qi - which I think I'm now blocked from doing.
> Is there an alternative to the "devirginator" process to restore the  
> Freerunner to "factory" state?

Did you flash Qi to both NAND flash and NOR flash?
The usual way is to have uboot in one and Qi in the other. That way you 
can have fast boot by default, and still activate uboot for flashing 
when needed.

If you don't have uboot in either flash, then there is no USB option 
during bootup.

But you have a working image, and linux has device drivers
for flash devices. ( /dev/mtd* ) Reading them is no problem.

So I believe it is possible to overwrite a flash device while linux is 
running. It had better not be the rootfs, but boot flash is a different 

Maybe it is as simple as "cat imagefile > /dev/mtdsomething"
Get some detailed advice about this though - don't experiment.

Helge Hafting

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