[FSO M5] - Answering a Call

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Wed Feb 18 16:20:43 CET 2009

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Am Tuesday 17 February 2009 20:46:20 schrieb SCarlson:
>>  Does anyone know a good fix for the answer call "delay".. When I get a
>> call, I hit the answer button, and it takes approx. 3-5 seconds for the
>> phone to actually pick the call up??? What the heck is it doing? heh... Has
>> anyone tweaked around with this yet?
> This is a (temporary) result of fixing bug FSO #205 as described in 
> http://trac.freesmartphone.org/ticket/205
> At the moment, we serialize all dbus signals initiated by oeventsd, meaning we 
> wait until the result has been parsed, before we send the next one. In 
> particular, this means we probably wait until the ring tone has stopped 
> before actually taking the call and switching the audio scenario. "Thanks" to 
> gstreamer and its audio buffers, this can take up to 3 seconds.

Not taking the call until the ringtone stops is actually a good idea, 
the caller is probably not interested in hearing the last parts of the 

Instead, there is a need for a "ringtone player" that can be switched
off in 0.02s or so. A standalone app can be turned off with kill -9.
If using a library, switch to something that support real-time sound 

dbus can run with high priority, so it doesn't become a bottleneck.

Helge Hafting

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