Best thing to run on Freerunner and Neo1973 machines today?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Wed Feb 18 16:24:23 CET 2009

Jay Vaughan wrote:
> Hiya gang,
> After a few months of ignoring the OpenMoko scene while I concentrated  
> on other things (beagleboard/openpandora) I find myself looking at my  
> neo1973 and freerunner gear, and thinking "its time to do something  
> interesting with these devices again".  But I have no idea what is  
> going on with the FR these days ..
> So, I turn to you guys: what would you recommend I put on both/either  
> of these machines for a bit of fun today? FDOM, SHR, something else?   
> In terms of easy-to-get fun factor, what do you guys suggest?

SHR is nice. Phone and gps works well. Music player can be made to work 
well too. Lots of games and other software is available at

Helge Hafting

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