SHR-unstable, GTA01 (neo1973) and GPS?

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Wed Feb 18 16:34:05 CET 2009


Well, I got SHR-testing up and running on my neo1973 after many  
recommendations from folks on this list and in the #openmoko channel,  
and so far it looks pretty nice - can make calls and receive them and  
so on, and it doesn't crash too much (after I did an opkg update 
+upgrade), so for now at least the neo1973 seems to be useful for me  
with SHR-testing .. except for one thing: GPS.  Can't seem to get it  

Do we still need to install the gllin package on neo1973?  If so, how  
do I do it 'properly' on SHR-testing?  Any advice on this would be  
appreciated because I'll use the neo1973 as a phone/gps unit if its  
possible for now ..

Jay Vaughan

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