SHR-unstable, GTA01 (neo1973) and GPS?

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Wed Feb 18 16:42:36 CET 2009

Jay Vaughan wrote:
> Hiya,
> Well, I got SHR-testing up and running on my neo1973 after many  
> recommendations from folks on this list and in the #openmoko channel,  
> and so far it looks pretty nice - can make calls and receive them and  
> so on, and it doesn't crash too much (after I did an opkg update 
> +upgrade), so for now at least the neo1973 seems to be useful for me  
> with SHR-testing .. except for one thing: GPS.  Can't seem to get it  
> working.
> Do we still need to install the gllin package on neo1973? 

> If so, how  
> do I do it 'properly' on SHR-testing? 

Just opkg install it. (I have my gllin package always on my SD card)
Rest should be taken care of by framreworkd.
Last time I checked, this worked with FSO and SHR.

But, as the flash space on GTA01 with SHR is extremely limited, you will 
not be able to install Navit. Which is a pitty.
You might even get trouble while installing gllin, best you deinstall 
some crap before since opkg fails very very ungracefully on full file 
You may need to re flash it to get it working again in when this happens.
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