HTC Dream Developer Edition / T-Mobile G1

Ofek Doron doron at
Wed Feb 18 20:57:19 CET 2009

The name of the device is ADP1 , and the hardware is the same as HTC G1, 
exclude unlocked  boot loader.
you can buy the device from google , and it's the developer edition for 
the G1 .

it is not a "free hardware" and the os is android .

- doron

Daniel Benoy wrote:
> I've heard that there's a special developer edition of the HTC Dream (Marketed in the US and Europe under the name 'T-Mobie G1'), which includes an unlocked boot loader and carrier agnostic GSM access.
> Does anyone know anything about this device and how it compares to the GTA02 and current plans for the GTA03?  I'm interested from a freedom perspective, as well as a hardware and software perspective.  Is this phone an option if you want to support open hardware?
> Does anyone know if its bootloader is capable of booting from SD with arbitrary kernel options and able to recover from screwing around with it like my freerunner/u-boot?
> Are there any plans to make the FSO framework compatible with the hardware in this device (and, by extension, make Debian and current/future openmoko distributions compatible)?
> Are there any other freedom issues surrounding this device that I should know about before I consider getting one?


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