HTC Dream Developer Edition / T-Mobile G1

Lon Lentz lon.lentz at
Wed Feb 18 21:48:13 CET 2009

  I have one of these. I needed something a little more stable than my FR
that allowed me to screw up the os.

  Other than changes for HW support, I see no reason that it couldn't run
FSO. Although I imagine that HTC wouldn't prove helpful in getting the
needed information.

  The problem is, the dev version is out of channel. And I see no chance of
anyone building a version like this for public consumption. And the HTC
contracts with carrriers will probably keep them from building consumer
available unlocked versions for some time, if ever. Android is built to
support carrier control and lock in.

  The cool thing is someone has already hacked together multi touch support
and made the code available online. You can even hack it into a locked
phone. I doubt google will add his patches upstream. Maybe time to branch
android to allow for things google won't allow.

  I would love to see this kind of hard touchscreen in the GTA03.

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 2:46 PM, Daniel Benoy <daniel at> wrote:

> I've heard that there's a special developer edition of the HTC Dream
> (Marketed in the US and Europe under the name 'T-Mobie G1'), which includes
> an unlocked boot loader and carrier agnostic GSM access.
> Does anyone know anything about this device and how it compares to the
> GTA02 and current plans for the GTA03?  I'm interested from a freedom
> perspective, as well as a hardware and software perspective.  Is this phone
> an option if you want to support open hardware?
> Does anyone know if its bootloader is capable of booting from SD with
> arbitrary kernel options and able to recover from screwing around with it
> like my freerunner/u-boot?
> Are there any plans to make the FSO framework compatible with the hardware
> in this device (and, by extension, make Debian and current/future openmoko
> distributions compatible)?
> Are there any other freedom issues surrounding this device that I should
> know about before I consider getting one?
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