connect freerunner with debian to a windows-PC

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Thu Feb 19 11:09:23 CET 2009

Mike Crash <mike at> writes:
>> I wonder why nobody from the complaining has provided a usb debug log
>> yet? Most probably with this log the issue can be fixed by upstream
>> maintainer in a week or less. And yet nobody did that. Just get a
>> debug log, shouldn't be that hard.
>> But as nobody needs it, nobody fixes it, obviously.
> How to get any log, if windows machine hard reboots immediately after
> connecting? We should wait for BSOD-fixed kernel in Debian...

Andy has applied three patches that fixed the reboot of windows
machine in the middle of January!

Moreover, OE builds the kernel with these patches included (look for
the 2.6.28 openmoko kernel recipe in the fso-milestone5 branch,
accessible via webinterface).

After applying those 3 patches, enable usb debugging in kernel and
provide rndis/ethernet driver maintainer with a log.

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