connect freerunner with debian to a windows-PC

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Thu Feb 19 11:22:06 CET 2009

Radek Polak <psonek2 at> writes:
>>> I wonder why nobody from the complaining has provided a usb debug log
>>> yet? Most probably with this log the issue can be fixed by upstream
>>> maintainer in a week or less. And yet nobody did that. Just get a
>>> debug log, shouldn't be that hard.
>>> But as nobody needs it, nobody fixes it, obviously.
>> How to get any log, if windows machine hard reboots immediately after
>> connecting? We should wait for BSOD-fixed kernel in Debian...
> Get new kernel - the immediate reboot is now fixed in >= 2.6.28 stable.
> Paul, how can i get the log? Output of dmesg will be enought?

I hope yes, provided you enabled USB debug. I think it'd be a good
start to post these logs and a description to linux usb mailing list.

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