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Michal Brzozowski rusolis at poczta.fm
Thu Feb 19 11:57:50 CET 2009

2009/2/19 kimaidou <kimaidou at gmail.com>

> Hi community
> I am running the Hackable1 , and try to find a lightweight and simple way
> to record and play voice notes. I discovered "ecasound" via a google search.
> (
> http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.user/browse_thread/thread/d2caa54f7448993a/14d58b5ea003409a?lnk=raot).
> I am trying to use it from command-line to record some sound (me talking :D
> ) with the following line :
> *ecasound -i /dev/dsp     -o mynotes.wav -c*
> Pressing on "t" will start recording. When finished, press on "s" to stop
> then "q" to quit.
> I tried to open the mynotes.wav file with *audacity*, but I cannot see any
> "waves", though my file size is  4Mo/ So my conclusion is ecasound worked
> well, but I should have change the scenario (one of the *.state file )
> before recording ?
> So I need your help to test ecasound and report any solution. If I can get
> it to work, I will try to create a simple gui to run it

Does arecord and aplay work for you?

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