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kimaidou kimaidou at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 15:56:04 CET 2009

Hi All. My feedback : the process is working. Now I would like to create a
small bash + zenity tool. I need anyone's help to make it work.

For now, I have :

zenity --question --title="Voice-note" --text="Click Validate to START
recording"; gostart=$?

if [ "$gostart" = 1 ]
        echo "Operation canceled"
        echo "Recording..."
zenity --info --title="Voice-note" --text="Click Validate to STOP
recording"; gostop=$?
arecord -D hw -f cd  -v -t wav ~/rec-$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M).wav
alsactl -f /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/voip-handset.state restore
alsactl -f /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/gsmstereoout.state restore
killall -TERM arecord

zenity --info --title="Voice note" --text="Your voice-note has been
recorded"; goread=$?

This is not working because I don't know how to load the arecord thing AND
show a windows which asks the user to stop recording. Does anyone have any
clue ?

thanks in advance

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