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> :2009-02-20T11:50:Helge Hafting:
> > The kernel will always be hungry when you do gps logging, because the
> > processor must stay on in order to move coordinates from the gps
> > chip onto a file - once per second. (tangogps will need more power
> > because it also draws a track (can be turned off) and your position on
> > the map. "cgpxlogger" can be used to just log to a file without
> > displaying anything, maybe drawing slightly less power. Don't know if it
> > is ported to arm though.
> >
> To bad one can't set update each second... every 5 seconds, every 15
> seconds every 30s every 60s and so on... That way the CPU could go to
> sleep in between.
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I'm a complete n00b to the freerunner, I don't even have my phone yet, but
for saving power when using GPS is there a quick way to turn off GPS when it
is not needed and back on that will cut down on power usage, also delaying
when it updates might help two of my friends have an Iphone and they update
GPS every 2-3 seconds I don't think setting a delay in the updates would be
such a bad thing here as long as it is not something insane like 10 seconds
or more.
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