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David Garabana Barro ha scritto:
> You should try FSO 5 or unstable SHR.
> With latest unstable SHR image, after 40 hours mostly suspended I had about 
> 50% battery.
> battery life is improving a lot!

The GPS tracking is not a problem, since I'm going to buy a Garmin
GPSMap 60Csx (battery life around 20h of tracking with 2 AA batteries)
because I need also a good routing device. The real "problem" is that
for my complicated day 15h life with a "normal" use of the phone is too few.

My last mail was finalized to find a pretty way to improve the life of
my FR. This is the way. I think that SHR unstable + the Rechargeable USB
Emergency Power Backup Pack suggested by Timo Juhani Lindfors

> You can buy extra batteries. The USB battery
> http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.3060
> is only $14.43. I don't think this lets you use it for 3 days but it
> will at least make it 12 instead of 6 hours.

should work for me.

However, also a good wifi roaming device could be interesting... is
there a way to get the SHR unstable connect to open wifi networks around
the streets?

Thanks to all for the hints :)
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