Voicenote - new software

Matthias Felsche MatthiasFelsche at web.de
Fri Feb 20 17:15:26 CET 2009

Please, don't you cry!!!
I haven't tried your application by now, but when I'll be home, I'll do immediately! :)))

So let's work together:
* we need some python-ogg and python-vorbis packages for OM and SHR, i think they exist in debian
(sources: http://ekyo.nerim.net/software/pyogg/index.html)
* How to achieve the same sound-quality produced by arecord with the same properties? --> ALSA-State-Tweakings?
* ...
* ...
* Drink a Beer! :)


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I am just crying so noisily right now :(

Ok, I have been beaten :D . But:
* I am happy someone has the same need
* I was trying to find doc on pygtk, so I will stop :D
* I will try your application
* I am sure it is what I intended to do at first. If not I will help 
you with ideas and code 
* I can help you to package it

conclusion : I don't know yet if I must kill my opkg page and wiki 
page about Voicenote, or if I should let the user choose ?

Anyway I wil be happy to work with you as a team.


2009/2/20 Matthias Felsche <MatthiasFelsche at web.de>
Oh, you guys are talking about something concerning me in a special 
I can't wait any longer!
The last few days i was working on an dictation- oder voice-recording-
application as well. It is not ready yet, but basically functionable.
I began with a python-gtk-gui and by now it is only recording and 
playing wavs.
I didn't want to use arecord and aplay, but python-tools.
I was just about implementing real-time-ogg-conversion.
I've attached my work up to now, maybe it's helpful.
It's in need of a little improvement but works.
just untar the content into / , get all the dependency-stuff (just 
read /usr/local/dictator/readme), change the saving-folder to the 
folder you like, then start by typing:

python /usr/local/dictator/diktator.py

enjoy! :)

Well, let's work together if you like. Or let this be a help for you.
For example up to now i don't know how to package things as ipk!


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One suggestion: why do not try to make a more user-friendly interface
which is big as the whole screen space, with big buttons (useful for
bikers) and a traffic light[1] showing:
- - red --> message of the 1st window
- - orange --> message of the 2nd window
- - green --> recorded and saved

... or something like that ;) In PyGtk it's very simple and immediate
realize that, but before summer I've no time :(

Greetings :D

[1] http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Ampel.svg

- --
Francesco de Virgilio

Francesco, this is a great idea, which I called "replace zenity by a
real frontend as EFL ?" in my to-do list. I will think about it and
try it. I am not sure yet if I must use python + pygtk or python + EFL
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