OpenCellID (was OpenBmap logger (GSM positioning)])

Onen at
Fri Feb 20 19:52:05 CET 2009

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Landspurg wrote:
>   Dear OpenMoko community (and thanks ed for pointing this out).
>   I am behind the <> project, and it 
> seems that there are some discussion around it these day on the mailing 
> list.

Last month, and today, indeed.

>   So let me clarifiy:
> - As described in the web site, the license is under creative common 
> share alike 3.0. I had several request today stating that just linking 
> to the license was not clear enough, so I will re-clarify it on the web 
> site, but also in this list.

Last time I checked (and other people, see the post I pointed out 
earlier today), it was not clear. But today, as people had a look again, 
it seems to me pretty clear :-)

> - I am surprised to see statment that I did not answer to some 
> questions. I've verified,and all openmoko request have been answered. I 
> am not perfect, and may be some emails have been missed, but a search on 
> openmoko on my mail box did not raise any pending question.

Not sure what you mean by openmoko request... When I stated that neither 
us nor openmoko did get an answer, I should have written: "If I recall 
correclty openmoko tried to reach opencellid, but I have not heard of 
any response. We tried to contact opencellid, but got no response." I 
personally have not tried to reach you. But Nick yes, without answer, 
for what I have understood.

>     There is more than 100 000 cells covered, with 5.5 millions of 
> measure, and more cells will be "donated" soon. We expect to reach 200 
> 000 cells in the coming weeks thanks to a new project donation. There is 
> also more than 10 different clients (windows mobile, symbian, 
> blackberry, j2me,...) gathering the database.

Is there different countries?

Good to see there is no client for openmoko, otherwise I may have worked 
for nothing ;-)

>   I've been running this project since more than one year , with an 
> objective to push community efforts around cell id. So I would be more 
> than happy to see new effort joining this project instead of creating 
> separate efforts.  So let's join effort and create something big!

I am very glad to read this, especially as I was very disappointed not 
being able to leverage the existing work you have done. For my part I 
work on the client side. A logger/uploader. I guess it would be easy to 
modify it to upload to your database if we go that way. But for now, I 
think it would be good Nick (who takes care of the server side) and you 
keep discussing, in order to evaluate a possible merger.

As there are also plans on embedding the database on the phone, and 
using it to locate, I would like to know if this part would interest 
you? Or only the server side and upload?

>  And as a reminder, the complete data base is available for download.
>  So if you have any question/interrogation, feel free to share them with 
> me so we can clarify this.
>  Regards,

Great we can move along. I hated this feeling of reinventing the wheel!


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