OpenCellID (was OpenBmap logger (GSM positioning)])

Onen at
Fri Feb 20 21:40:42 CET 2009

see comments inline...

Thomas Landspurg wrote:
  > - OpenCellID can also store signal strengh. But one of the issue, is
> heterogenity between datas. Some client don't have this information, and 
> this create some additional complexity. That's why this information is 
> for now only stored but not yet used. And in all was, if you want it, 
> it's in the measure table, and not in the cell table.

We thought about this. We also store the phone model, in order to 
possibly be able to use some data of known "good" phones, or simply the 
data of the same model as yours, etc...

>     Good to see there is no client for openmoko, otherwise I may have worked
>     for nothing ;-)
>  Yes, I've heard that other where working on such client too!

Are the people behind CellHunter following this thread? Please jump in 
if so.

>     As there are also plans on embedding the database on the phone, and
>     using it to locate, I would like to know if this part would interest
>     you? Or only the server side and upload?
> The idea is to provide all the means to do so. So if there is anything 
> that is needed to help you to do this, I would be happy to provide it. 
> For instance, a way to send an area and get the list of cells in that 
> area. I amalready working on such  functionality.


>   But the switch to from OpenBMap to OpenCellID should be quite fast as 
> I assume that the API is probably the same, or very close to. ( 
> )

For my part, the logging client, it can be easily adapted to feed other 
databases. For the location part, Nick knows this better than me.


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