[Debian] No wlan device with 2.6.28-20090105.git69b2aa26

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at iki.fi
Sat Feb 21 14:23:46 CET 2009

Marcel <tanuva at googlemail.com> writes:
> I installed kernel 2.6.28-20090105.git69b2aa26 (.28 kernel from Debian repo) 
> yesterday. Today, wanting to use the neo as a webradio receiver connected to 
> the stereo, I noticed that eth0, the wlan device, is gone. (No it doesn't 
> have another name, ifconfig -a only shows up usb0 and lo.)

Can you try

echo 1 | sudo tee $sys_pm_wlan/power_on
echo s3c2440-sdi | sudo tee $sys_wlan_driver/unbind 2> /dev/null > /dev/null
echo s3c2440-sdi | sudo tee $sys_wlan_driver/bind

where the variables are

$ grep wlan .sysfsrc
export sys_pm_wlan=/sys/bus/platform/drivers/gta02-pm-wlan/gta02-pm-wlan.0
export sys_wlan_driver=/sys/bus/platform/drivers/s3c2440-sdi


> I have no idea where to check next, there seems to be really wrong 
> with /proc/bus/pci (which comes from where?).

There's no PCI in freerunner.

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