[Debian] No wlan device with 2.6.28-20090105.git69b2aa26

Marcel tanuva at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 21 15:51:28 CET 2009

Am Saturday 21 February 2009 15:04:52 schrieb arne anka:
> > d-a318:~# apt-cache search openmoko
> yes, taht what i did now, and indeed, there it was. but i somehow expected
> apt-get dist-upgrade to offer the new kernel ... any known reasons why the
> upgrade is not offered automatically?

I guess there are/were some issues with the new kernel and noone bothered to 
make apt fetch it automatically now...
At least I could not find any issues yet. And the kernel seems to have fixed 
the random wakeup (put neo in suspend in the evening, battery empty in the 
morning -> resumed somewhere in between and drained the battery).


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