Need help flashing my freerunner for the first time

Daniel.Li lida_mail at
Sat Feb 21 16:35:28 CET 2009

Well, Maybe u can consult this reference. Remove all other usb device
when u flash the device, I think. 

On Sat, 2009-02-21 at 16:15 +0100, Fernando Martins wrote:
> Adam Jimerson wrote:
> >
> > My big problem is that the freerunner stays active for 30 seconds, but 
> > dfu-util takes 3 minutes before it even tries to connect, by this time 
> > it just spits out an error about how it can't find the device.  I am 
> > using the USB cable that came in the OM package, I can deffinitly try 
> > a different USB port, good thing my computer has a lot of those it 
> > seems.  As for the setting menu not working on my phone does this work 
> > in 2008.12?  This now my biggest reason for wanting to flash it, 
> > without access to settings there is not much I can do to it.
> I'm using dfu-util 0.1 under ubuntu 8.10 and it is instantaneous to 
> detect the FR, most of the times. When it doesn't work immediately, I 
> just restart the connection procedure. At 2nd or 3d try it has worked.
> Have you tried to connect other usb devices on the same port? Is it 
> recognised immediately by Suse?
> Fernando
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