Introducing CellHunter

Sebastian Hammerl list-openmoko at
Sun Feb 22 01:16:17 CET 2009


now I find the time to post on the community mailinglist and like to
(already mentioned here) introduce myself and CellHunter.

I am student right now and got together with some friends and imagined
that we could have fun with cellids and games based on there cells. But
for this we need a database to work on and so i started the project
CellHunter [1].

CellHunter is a game where you collect cellids together with the gps
position you received this cell. You are working in teams and get points
for each cell you submit. The score for the submitted cell depends on
the type of cell if it is already known or brand new. More about the
point system on the homepage [2].

Right know the CellHunter database contains about 450000 entries with
~9000 unique cells. 35 teams active and we get new cells everyday.

I know that there a several other cell databases and i contacted
opencellid two days ago and will contribute. Others are welcome to
contact me.

The license of the data is discussed at the moment, i think it will be
cc-by-sa but because this project is very new and grows faster than i
expected i just want to check available licenses and their pros and cons.

The idea to create a database of cells is not new but to combine it with
a game is something that motivates people to contribute.

Here are some technical details about CellHunter:
- offline and online logging of cells
- logging of the main and up to 6 neighbourcells your mobile phone "sees"
- statistcs displayed right on your freerunner
- data displayable in google maps and osm
- browsing osm cell map with dynamically loaded cell locations
- export as kml / csv of the whole db or by team
- teams of submitters with infotext about the group on the homepage
- gui availabe in german and english

Most of the already collected cells are located in germany and i would
like to see some other countries to start their teams and collect
points. You get ready to run FSO and debian packages on the homepage [2].

If you have any ideas or suggestions i would like to hear them. For
german users: we discuss cellhunter at the freeyourphone forums [3]

Greetings, Sebastian


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