Annuncing new Project - Intone mplayer frontend

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Sun Feb 22 04:41:04 CET 2009


Fabian Henze wrote:
> If it is in such an early state, you might consider switching to some EFL 
> based GUI library ...
  Well, I switched. And here are the problems :-
 1. I could get elementary set up for compiling after about 4 hrs of effort
(getting stuff from the svn, compiling all the libraries etc) on my PC.
 2. The program is up and running on the PC, but now I realise that there
are no dev versions of elementary and its dependencies on FSO. SHR and
openmoko are using older (yet different) versions. Finally got some ipk's
from angstrom - but the linker is giving me errors about undefined reference to `ecore_evas_object_associate' undefined reference to `ecore_evas_object_associate_get' undefined reference to
 And this after another day of trying to get the cross-compile environment
for elementary. The only thing left is to get the libraries from svn into
the environment - only then things might not work on the phone.
  For eg - the svn version has sliders and genlists. While the one on the
phone doesn't.
 3. So - I'm back to GTK for now. Need to get some more work done before I
can get back to elementary.

  @ anyone at FSO - Can we have some development libraries for elementary
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