Introducing CellHunter

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Sun Feb 22 07:01:38 CET 2009

2009/2/22 Sebastian Hammerl <list-openmoko at>:
> now I find the time to post on the community mailinglist and like to
> (already mentioned here) introduce myself and CellHunter.
> I am student right now and got together with some friends and imagined
> that we could have fun with cellids and games based on there cells. But
> for this we need a database to work on and so i started the project
> CellHunter [1].
> CellHunter is a game where you collect cellids together with the gps
> position you received this cell. You are working in teams and get points
> for each cell you submit. The score for the submitted cell depends on
> the type of cell if it is already known or brand new. More about the
> point system on the homepage [2].
> Right know the CellHunter database contains about 450000 entries with
> ~9000 unique cells. 35 teams active and we get new cells everyday.
> I know that there a several other cell databases and i contacted
> opencellid two days ago and will contribute. Others are welcome to
> contact me.
> The license of the data is discussed at the moment, i think it will be
> cc-by-sa but because this project is very new and grows faster than i
> expected i just want to check available licenses and their pros and cons.

Hi Sebastian,
good to hear you're working on this project. i've been working on, a conceptually similar project, for a couple of
years now - they are currently in the process of transitioning from
cc-by-sa to a new license, specifically designed for databases, with
the help of a lawyer or two. their theory is that cc is more for
creative content, which is not really applicable to osm; this may be
useful for your project too. more info here:


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