(Qi) Qi or bust, or: what do I do wrong?

Paul paul at nlpagan.net
Sun Feb 22 08:32:37 CET 2009

Richard Guest wrote:
> 2009/2/22 Paul <paul at nlpagan.net <mailto:paul at nlpagan.net>>
>     What do I do wrong here?
> Nothing wrong with the flashing, as far as I can tell.
> What do you have on the SD card?
> Qi tries to boot kernels from the the first three partitions on SD 
> first...

On the SD-card there's not much. A few directories with small stuff.
I read on the wiki that Qi first tries to boot from the first 3 
partitions on the card and after that from flash memory. It's the latter 
that does not seem to work quite that well, at least on my FR.

When I feel adventurous again (and I have more time again), I may play 
with it some more.


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