[Debian] Etk gui?

Nikita V. Youshchenko yoush at debian.org
Sun Feb 22 08:39:33 CET 2009

> Am Saturday 21 February 2009 22:53:27 schrieben Sie:
> > G'evening,
> >
> > I'd at least like to try to build an Etk gui for Pythm. "Problem": I
> > have Debian running and don't really want to change that, so I'm
> > wondering if there are e17 widget lib(s) available for it. The
> > "minimal etk gui" example from the wiki doesn't work since the python
> > module "etk" is missing. Zhone doesn't seem to be a usable example for
> > this case since it does all its gui using custom graphics (and is not
> > too clearly arranged...).
> >
> > Does anyone have a hint or suggestions?
> I hereby kind of broaden my question: Is there some python-etk package
> available for Debian at all?

Not yet. Stay tuned :)
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