Need for application like PC Suite from Nokia?

Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes gunnar.grimnes at
Sun Feb 22 12:02:37 CET 2009

If you are targetting FSO (as you should, since alternative are not
maintained), my understanding is that the PIM API part (opimd?) supports
several different backends for actually storing the information (i.e.
the FSO layer only provides a dbus layer on top of whatever is
underneath) For instance, it may be put on top of the embedded evolution
data server [1] - and (I think) this already is supported by opensync
somehow, i.e. it could save lots of work.

What this does NOT provide though is the actual sending of SMS, I would
like an app like Blue Phone Elite (for the mac), which lets me
send/receive sms from the normal desktop (i guess this is like the nokia
pc suite)

- Gunnar


Andreas Willich wrote:
> Hi List
> I am currently developing a PIM synchronization app for the Neo
> (
> )
> After a mail from c_c
> ( ) I got the idea
> to extend it to an application like the PC Suite app from Nokia.
> So you can send SMS from your PC, edit the various settings for the
> different applications (TangoGPS, Navit, ...), install applications and
> transfer files between PC and Neo.
> What do you think? Is such an application needed?
> Regards
> 	Andreas
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