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Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Sun Feb 22 13:36:25 CET 2009


On Sun, 2009-02-22 at 13:01, Sebastian Hammerl wrote:
> Stefan Schmidt schrieb:
> >
> > Putting them all into a versioned tarball would make my life a lot easier.
> > (Perhaps even some distutils for a sane install?) Is this something I could talk
> > you into? :)
> just all the files in one tarball with the right directory structure?
> That would be no problem. If so please tell me or tell me what to do
> else and you will get it.

As it is a small package I see two options:

a) A tarball with all files in one flat dir. No directory structure needed. I
would then let OE install the files in the proper locations while building the

b) A real distutils package where distutils know about the places, etc. May be
not needed from your side as you only have 4 files. Makes packager life easier,
but for this one I'm also fine with option a.

In both cases please make sure that the tarball has the version number included
in his name like other release tarballs. Something like this:



Stefan Schmidt

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