Announcing new Project - Intone mplayer frontend

c_c cchandel at
Sun Feb 22 15:53:37 CET 2009


Stefan Monnier wrote:
> MPD+pythm works just fine as a standalone music player as well, of course.
 Didn't know that.

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> Neither did I want to belittle your work.  Just pointing out that your
> original motivation could have been addressed without reinventing the
> wheel.  Maybe your wheel is really much better, but from what I've seen
> in the past, we have too many toyish music players, so it would be
> better to improve existing ones than to make yet-another-one.
Well, I'm actually looking at taking it further - apart from being a
frontend to mplayer. I'm also looking at playing ogg through tremor and
trying out mpg123 to see if that is any better. Though, I intend stopping
after these two codecs - since most audio IMHO is likely to be in these
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