Sephora 0.2.2 available

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Sun Feb 22 15:53:53 CET 2009


New version of Sephora. Now it is again compatible with fso milestone 5.

   * Moved to lyb-pyfso-gobject library
   * Update to fso-framework milestone 5
   * Added new indicators to power section
   * Modified phone section

Now it require the package: lib-pyfso-gobject

   For pin sim locked user, there will be as short is possible a new 
version that will support the SIM pin. Question: Would you like to have 
the possibility to have sephora remembering the pin? Do you want it 
encrypted (It will be in every case a low encryption)?

     Sephora need the root priviledge. I would like to know how to get 
it to have the root priviledges. I was thinking gtksu, but when there is 
gtk su active, there is no possibility to use the onscreen keyboard.
For now the only way for non root users, is to launch from a terminal 
with sudo sephora.

Here there are the links:

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