Recommended SIM for Italy ?

Steve " 'dillo" Okay armadilo at
Sun Feb 22 21:16:53 CET 2009

On Feb 22, 2009, at 17:21 , Michele Renda wrote:

> On 22/02/2009 17:07, Federico Belvisi wrote:
>> I have a Vodafone sim 128K that isn't working (the first and last  
>> time I tried
>> was when I bought my Freerunner back in august).
>> Till then, I put in the FR an old 64K (or 32K, maybe, I forgot),  
>> Vodafone Italy.
>> Maybe you have a 64K...
> I have a 64K, on the upper part there is written: 64.3

This is precisely what I have.
It is a 64K SIM, bought from a Vodafone shop in Trieste.
I installed it yesterday, it asked for me to enter the PIN, which I  
did, but ever since then
I simply get the single star for the GSM signal strength(I'm running  
Illume) and when I
go to the Dialer to make a call, I get a "SIM missing"  error(even  
though it's installed and locked into it's carrier).

I put it into a friend's  Nokia N95 and it works fine. I put his AT&T  
SIM into my FR and it picked up the Wind network.
I also tried the Vodafone 64K SIM in a ZTE 125 and it registered with  
a Slovenian Voda tower (some interesting multipath going on there)
and was able to make calls/texts.

So I'm thinking it has to be something with my FR. I've been using it  
for almost a month now with a T-Mobile SIM and this is the first
time I've had a problem. I'll look at the GSM firmware flashing  
article on the Wiki.

I think I'm going to go get another SIM, like a Wind or TIM and see  
if that works.


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