Recommended SIM for Italy ?

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Mon Feb 23 02:09:45 CET 2009

"GNUtoo" <GNUtoo at> writes:
> it's a bug in the GSM modem's can be updated but I advise
> you against doing it because there is some command to type and if you
> makes a typo it can brick your gsm modem

That's a lie.

You can't brick your modem at all, as it has a ROM bootloader.

Dedicated person can damage calibration data and that'd be a
practically irrecoverable action (CMU-2000 and special soft are needed
for calibration). BUT it's not as simple as making a typo.

Damaging one's modem by typo is practically impossible, moreover, the
new moko11 firmware contains quite an important fixes related to
hardware flow control and resuming from call/sms. As it also fixes all
known issues with any sim cards, it's worth updating.

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