[ubuntu host] NetworkManager improvements

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Mon Feb 23 03:13:17 CET 2009

I know several people here have had problems with the NetworkManager
bugs in Intrepid.

I installed Xubuntu 8.10 on my new netbook the other day, upgraded
everything, and found that if I used the networkmanager applet to define
the interface 'auto usb0' with manual IP of (the subnet I use for my FreeRunner, two
IPs plus network and broadcast) it 'just works' again. On my desktop
Ubuntu (gnome) however, I've still been unable to get it to handle it
correctly. (I'm seeing some odd misbehavior in the gnome NM applet,
it's possible that either xfce's nm-applet or NM itself is why my
netbook works, but gnome nm-applet may still be broken)

Has anyone else been successful with Ubuntu NetworkManager recently?
And did you revert from a manual config via /etc/network/interfaces
to allowing NM to handle usb0?

BTW, if anyone is interested I have a working udhcpd set up where my FR
hands out to whatever asks for an IP on usb0, so I can
just jack in and go, more often than not, on a new host.  The daemon
listens only on usb0, and hands out only an IP and subnet with no
routes, which works fine with NetworkManager default - it finds usb0
without a problem on a 'virgin' host and asks for DHCP, and the FR
provides. :)  Oh, udhcpd is one of the functions rolled into busybox,
so it's already on the FR by default and just needs config and launch.


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