SHR first impression : it's slow ?

Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes gunnar.grimnes at
Mon Feb 23 10:23:11 CET 2009

This is apparently an issue with recent SHR/FSO, my not quite perfect
fix was to go into the illume settings thingy (i.e. the wrench menu) and
set the framerate to 5 rather than 30, turn off drop shadows, and to
change the render mode from software to software_16.

I don't have the freerunner nearby, so I can't check where in the menu
you find these things, but I think the framerate is at the bottom of the
first menu, the drop shadow under "appearance" or similar near the end,
and the render engine in the advance tab of this? Can anyone confirm?

- Gunnar

Xavier Cremaschi wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I ruined my OM2008.12 yesterday, trying to put some bad libc6 for 
> mozilla-fennec.
> So I told myself  "let's try this SHR everybody is talking about"
> I have some problems with :
> 1. wifi : Wifi Mofi hangs when I run it
> 2. gps : GPS cannot fix
> 3. SHR Panels : some panels in 'Settings' hang when I click on them 
> (GSM/operators for example)
> 4. Everything is slow
> For 1 to 3 I hope I will find a solution by investigating a bit more, 
> but these things worked 'as if' with OM2008.12 so I was a bit 
> disappointed... so many people write "SHR unstable is very stable", but 
> I find OM2008.12 to be far more stable...
> Maybe something is wrong with my install, I don't know.
> For 4 I would need your help, enlightenment eats lots of kernel time in 
> htop (cpu and memory are still ok), it was 15:00.00 the last time I 
> checked. I need 2-3 seconds to scroll on desktop, while in enlightement 
> settings panel (aka the wrench) it is fluid.
> Does anybody have an idea for 4. ?
> Best regards,
> Xavier Cremaschi.
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